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8 Bit Heaven

8 Bit Heaven

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Commodore Vic 20:

The Commodore Vic-20 computer    The Vic-20 Data Cassette module

Jupiter Lander Gortek and the Microchips

The Commodore Vic 20 was the first computer I ever used. I never owned one until fairly recently. My next door neighbors had one, and I also initiated a fund raising drive at my school to get money for a computer. We ended up with a Vic 20. I dabbled in programming using Gortek and the Microchips and played tons of Jupiter Lander on a 13" black and white TV.

Vic 20 Sites:

VICE, the 'Versatile' Commodore Emulator. This is the emulator I use.

Pfau Zeh
Vic 20 emulator for Windows and Linux

History of the Vic20

Apple ][ series:

The Apple ][+    The Apple ][c computer    The Apple ][c green phosphor monitor

Choplifter    Dr J and Larry Bird Go One on One

A childhood friend had an Apple ][c with a small green (monochrome) monitor. I couldn't afford one so I only got to use it occasionally. It had a mouse which at the time ('85-86) was still relatively novel. The games I played on it were Choplifter, Dr J and Larry Bird One on One, Captain Goodnight, Cavern Creatures, and Karateka. I also spent a lot of time at our local library where they had an Apple ][ which was outfitted with a coin mechanism which you put quarters in, similar to what you'd see in a laundromat. I played a lot of Kabul Spy there. I now own a //c, ][+, and IIgs.

Apple ][ Sites:

Apple ][ Emulator Resources Guide

A new version has just been released supporing the Mockingboard. This one is still updated.

Apple Oasis
Have yet to use it. It does come with some nice x-fering utils.

Atari 400/800/XL/XE:          The wampus from M.U.L.E.

The Atari 800 Home Computer    The Atari 130XE Home Computer

Blue Max    Exodus: Ultima III

The Atari was the first computer I owned. I had first seen it because my cousin got an 800 for Christmas with Star Raiders and Pac Man. I was hooked! I saved up my paper route money and by the time I had enough the XLs were out. I bought an 800XL. Most of the games I played were typed in from magazines like Antic, ANALOG, Compute!, and Family Computing. The games I owned for the Atari were Master of the Lamps, Ultima III and IV, Realm of Impossibility, Blue Max, Zork, and F-15 Strike Eagle. I also played Chicken a lot which was in Antic I believe and was a lot like Frogger. I also have discovered the excellent game M.U.L.E. which I remember seeing in magazines but never bought.

Atari 800 Sites:

Colin's Atari 8 bit Emulator Page

Atari800 emulator
Original author's page

The only windows emulator worth using and it's very complete. Port of the DOS Atari800 emulator. Uses DirectX. Windows 2000 or Win9X to run this one. Development has continued by a different group of individuals now calling it Atari800Win Plus+.

Atari++ emulator
A newer Atari emulator that runs on many different platforms.

Commodore 64:

The Commodore C64 computer    The Commodore 1541 5 1/4 disk drive

Telengard    Space Taxi

My brother got one of these the same year I bought my Atari for X-mas. He got the whole setup and I was pretty jealous. The sound from the SID was the best I had heard at the time. I also got to hear how much better Ultima III sounded on a C64 at my friends house. Games I played on the C64 were Racing Destruction Set, Defender of the Crown, Impossible Mission, Space Taxi, and Telengard (which is best on the C64!!).

Commodore 64 Sites:

VICE, the 'Versatile' Commodore Emulator, supports disk emulation also. This is the emulator I use.

Lemon's C64 site
An excellent site with tons of game reviews.

C64S emulator
DOS and crippled shareware.

Excellent emulator for both DOS and Windows.

Atari 520/1040 ST:

The Atari 520 ST

Time Bandit    Dungeon Master

Oids    Defender of the Crown

OK, so the Atari ST is a 16 bit computer. :)
I traded my Atari 8 bit for an Atari 520 ST soon after they came out. The 16 bit graphics made my XL look ancient. The screenshots for Time Bandit and Starglider were enough for me to trade up. I also owned Plutos, Populous, Rogue, Oids, Defender of the Crown, and Dungeon Master.

Atari ST Sites:

The Little Green Desktop
The de-facto Atari ST site, and it really is a green and white ST GEM desktop.

DOS ST emulator, no longer developed. Was the first one I used.

ST emulator for Windows, the one I use the most. Has lots of very nice features. Now supports Linux also.

Another ST emulator for Windows.

8 Bit Shrine:

I've put some pictures up of my computer room, including all of my 8 bit related stuff.

Visit the Shrine

Classic Gaming Set-top Box:

Not too long ago I build a set top box for my living room that I use for playing classic video games from the couch. The setup includes custom software (frontend, other programs), utilities like python, rsync, pskill, shutdown, Joy2Key and others, emulators, an Aopen Mini PC with a Cideko Air Keyboard Conqueror. .

I had at first been using my modded xbox to use emulators but I found that compatibility and performance wasn't as good as PC based emulators. All basic operation of selecting games/systems, favorites, launching games, quitting games, and playing them are controlled from just the gamepad. The Chatpad is used to enter letters or numbers w/ computer based emulators. For instance, choosing 'J' for Joystick or 'K' for keyboard play w/ some games.

From my couch I'm able to select and play games for many different systems including:

  • Atari 2600/5200/7800/800/ST
  • Commodore Vic-20/C64/Amiga
  • TI99/4a
  • Tandy Color Computer
  • Vectrex
  • Nintendo NES and SNES
  • Sega Genesis and Master System
  • ColecoVision and Coleco Adam
  • Apple ][ and IIGS
  • Odyssey 2
  • Arcade games via MAME
  • Intellivision

The frontend that is loaded when the machine was booted was written in Python using the Pygame library. The program is available HERE. I update it very often and the latest is always available there.

Here are some pictures (click for larger version):

The A-Open Mini PC

The A-Open Mini PC and wireless gamepad receiver

The wireless gamepad w/ full integrated keyboard

The wireless gamepad/keyboard

What you see after Windows XP has booted

What you see after XP has booted

Selecting the Atari 2600 system using the gamepad

Selecting the 2600 system

All the Atari 2600 games listed w/ screenshots ready to select

All the Atari 2600 games listed w/ screenshots ready to select

I launched Yar's Revenge and now I'm playing it on the couch

I launched Yar's Revenge and now I'm playing it

Tower Toppler (aka Nebulous) on the C64

Tower Toppler (aka Nebulous) on the C64

8 Bit Magazines:

One thing I remember well from my childhood was the anticipation of new computer magazines for the coming month. Compute! was the one I bought the most of because it covered more than one computer. I now collect those old magazines and have accumulated quite a collection. It's much bigger than it should be. Even still they make for great reading if you used these computers back in their day. Emulators give them even more interesting uses.

These are some of the magazines I have currently. Most are complete sets.

------------- Geek Stats Follow ----------------

Compute's Gazette
Commodore Power Play
Commodore Magazine
Commodore Microcomputers
Compute's Apple
Call A.P.P.L.E.
Apple ][ Review
Apple Orchid Users
Hardcore Computist / Computist
ST Log
Compute's Atari ST
Atari Connection
Atari Explorer
Atari Interface
Atari Age
Compute! (70s/80s only)
Family Computing
Computer Gaming World (80s only)
Creative Computing
Videogaming Illustrated
Electronic Fun with Computers and Games
Electronic Games / Computer Entertainment
Computer Games
TRS-80 Microcomputer News
Rainbow (Coco)
20 Load (Vic-20)
Home Computer Magazine (TI 99/4A)
Retro Gamer
------------- Geek Stats End ----------------

Since I put up this page some digital archives have popped up on the net. This is a great way to preserve these relics.

8 Bit magazine and other 8 bit sites:

Antic - STart
Atari 8 bit and ST. Very thorough, all the covers and articles as well as the disks that came with them are available. Now has other magazines such as Compute!, Compute!'s Gazette, Creative Computing, Hi-Res, and Tandy Whiz Kids.

Digital A.N.A.L.O.G. Project
Not to be confused w/ the sci-fi mag, Atari 8 bit.

Commodore Magazine Nostalgia
A C64 magazine fan's page.

Classic Videogame Magazine Museum
Has some 8 bit related material.

Computer Gaming World Museum
One of my favorite magazines from this era.

Old-Computer Mags: The 80s Computer Magazine Web Site
Has info on many of the European 8 bit magazines.
A plethora of information on just about any old computer you can think of, including my 8 bit favorites. Check out the "Computer of the Day"!

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